Case Study: Modern Blue Shaker Kitchen

Door Style: Milbourne Hartforth Blue

What is it like being an EKS customer?

We asked Natasha why she chose Exeter Kitchen Store over other kitchen companies…

I was drawn to Exeter Kitchen Store because I loved the family feel of the company as well as the fact that it’s a local company with local values in mind.Describe your journey with Exeter Kitchen Store!

We asked Natasha about her initial visit to the store, and what her first impressions were…

I popped into the store and explained to Exeter Kitchen Store Designer Jack what kind of thing I was after and what my budget was. I never felt judged on my design choices or on the amount I was able to put towards my new kitchen, which helped to lift a huge amount of pressure!

When we showed Jack our first designs, he asked us what we wanted to focus on, to which my instant reaction was ‘I want a wine rack!’. Jack was just as excited about the design process as I was, which made it easier to focus on exactly what it was that I wanted – I felt that my input was valued.

He made it fun and easy, and the simplicity of the process was great. Jack was also able to give us lots of different ideas and options for the kitchen that we didn’t consider.

Natasha then described how she proceeded with Exeter Kitchen Store throughout the disruptions caused by COVID-19…

Jack and I began having Zoom meetings, which is where we covered most of the final design work. Because we couldn’t visit the showroom as frequently as we would have hoped, Jack was able to send a few samples to our home so we knew what the door we chose would look and feel like. Gaining access to these samples was extremely helpful, especially when we were picking colours for our walls!

Although this was a little different from an in-person meeting, Jack was still friendly, professional and knowledgeable throughout. Once we had the design covered and we came to pay the deposit, there was no pressure to pay it immediately.

Overall, it was just easy and simple to navigate our journey. If I did have any questions, Jack was always open and available to answer. Jack’s experience has been a huge benefit to us and the process that I thought would be the most difficult was entirely painless thanks to him.The Design

We asked Natasha to give us some insight into the reasons behind her design choices… “I chose Exeter Kitchen Store’s Milbourne door because I knew that it was a sturdy shaker door which was perfect for the traditional country-style we wanted and it also provided the strength and durability to withstand being in our kitchen. We opted for the door to feature in Hartforth Blue simply because blue is without a doubt one of my favourite colours! It also provides a great contrast against the white walls! The combination of the two fills the room with a sense of harmony.

We then asked Natasha about her choice of appliances… “When I get home, cooking is generally the first thing I like to do. I prefer to keep things simple, so I can’t be doing with loads of gadgets. After speaking to Jack and Exeter Kitchen Store Showroom Manager Geoff, I decided to include an Induction Hob into my design. I hadn’t had an Induction Hob before, so I was a little worried about how to use that. The Exeter Kitchen Store team kindly taught me how to use the system and even recommend pans that were compatible with the Induction system!” We asked Natasha about her desire for a wine rack…

As soon as we realised there was an option to put a wine rack in our kitchen, we both got very excited. When we made the decision to choose a kitchen island, we knew that this would enhance the social space and so having the rack made my wine more accessible. In combination with the kitchen island, we can use the surface for celebrations roast dinners, buffets and even beer pong!

What is your favourite element of your new kitchen?

We then asked Natasha what her favourite element of her new kitchen was… “It’s got to be my Kitchen Island, simply because of how it has transformed my kitchen into a social hub! It’s also perfect as a breakfast bar and serves as a nice place to eat. Having that social space that functions as an area where I can lay food out on the island is so beneficial when I have friends and family over – everything is now so much more accessible! The other thing that has completely changed is that now my partner and I can work with each other in the Kitchen as we have so much more worktop space! It means that we can actually cook together without stepping on each other’s feet!

Summarise your kitchen in 3 words! Finally, we asked Natasha to summarise her kitchen in three words…

Timeless. Social. Functional.

It does exactly what I need it to do and that’s awesome. I love my kitchen!