Smart Home Ideas: Connected Kitchen Appliances

Looking to make your life easier? We don’t blame you, which is why we’ve gathered some vital information on how to make your kitchen smart via technology.

This kitchen trend is constantly growing with the ever-continuing development of technology and communication. This 2020 kitchen trend can be achieved by choosing Bosch Home Connect appliances within the kitchen! If you’re kitting out your new kitchen, chat with the team to discuss including these in your design.

Bosch Home Connect can link up with both Google Home and Alexa so you can make vocal commands! If that type of control isn’t for you, the Home Connect app is always available for you to control your appliances. What’s more your Fitbit can also link up to Home Connect so you can run your household while you’re on the go!

If you’re looking to keep up with the 2020 kitchen trends to ensure your space is as convenient as possible, then we can recommend everything from connected fridges to coffee machines! Which is why we’ve listed some of the appliances and their perks below:

  • Home Connect Fridges can help you out with keeping track of the contents of your refrigerator. This is achieved through a camera being located in the interior of your fridge door, which takes a photograph every time the door is shut. This then sends the image through to your Home Connect app. So, if you’re out shopping and can’t remember whether you’re running low on milk, you can just flick open the app and have a quick check. Another function the Home Connect Fridge offers is it can recognise the fruit and vege you’ve got in your fridge and provide suggestions on where the best places within your fridge are to store them to prolong their life.

  • There is also the option of including a Home Connect dishwasher which can be connected to Amazon Dash Replenishment to automatically reorder dishwasher tablets when you are running low. This means you will have one less thing to keep track of.

  • Smart ovens and cookers are ready to command through the app or alternatively Alexa and Google Assistant. This means whether you’re out of the room or even out of the house you can turn your oven on, turn it off or even make alterations to the temperature setting!

  • When it comes to washers and dryers, your Bosch machine can take over and personalise your wash for you. You can tell your Home Connect app what your putting into your wash and it’ll figure out what the best cycle and setting is for those items of clothing.

To find out more about Bosch Home Connect appliances chat with the team and they can figure out how to fit them into your kitchen design. For more on trend kitchen design ideas, check out the 2020 Kitchen Trends page for more ideas and inspiration.

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