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As a society, we are becoming increasingly energy and environmentally conscious due to rising energy bills and a better understanding of our carbon footprint.

With perks like low energy consumption, no water wastage and low maintenance costs we believe that a Quooker Boiling Water Tap is the perfect upgrade to that old kettle sitting on the corner of your kitchen worktop!

We’ve come up with five reasons the Quooker tap is the next kitchen upgrade for you.

Reason 1: Safe

One of the advantages of owning a Quooker tap is that it is completely safe. This is because it is impossible to turn on the boiling water accidentally as it requires a double-push and turn on an inconspicuous ring mechanism, making it childproof. In addition to this, Quooker taps have a double insulated spout, and are therefore cool to the touch.

Reason 2: Water and Energy Efficient

One of the main environmental advantages of the Quooker tap other than the low energy consumption is the fact it can help you to prevent water wastage. We can all think of a time where we’ve boiled twice as much water as we’ve needed. The Quooker completely eliminates this risk as you can fill up a cup, jug or hot water bottle with the specific amount of water you wish for, without extra water and energy being wasted.

Reason 3: Space Saving

If you have a compact kitchen, saving worktop space is essential. Quite simply, the Quooker tap saves you space on a kettle, freeing up space for preparing food and drink. The Quooker tank is compact enough to fit any kitchen, so there will still be usable space under your worktop and more free space on top of your worktop.

Reason 4: Versatile

A Quooker tap is a kitchen appliance that can be used for a multitude of tasks, including making hot drinks, blanching vegetables, cleaning dirty pans, and sterilising baby bottles. The Quooker becomes even more versatile with the Quooker Flex, which is equipped with an extendable hose.

Reason 5: Time Saving

You may not have known this, but the average person spends four months of their life waiting for a kettle to boil! With a Quooker instant boiling tap, you will never have to wait for your kettle to boil again. Boiling water is instantly available, saving you time and will inevitably make Quooker one of your most used kitchen appliances!

At Exeter Kitchen Store, we recognise the need for everyday appliances to use less energy and be less harmful to our environment. Back in 2016, in an effort to reduce the company’s energy consumption, we replaced all the kettles in our Exeter kitchen showroom, offices and factory with Quooker boiling water taps, a fantastic decision that we don’t regret for a second!

Read more about our other accessories at Exeter Kitchen Store here. Interested in the Quooker tap? Speak to one of our Exeter Kitchen Store designers about one today by contacting us here.


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