Case Study: Handleless Kitchen Design

Door Style: Porter Dove Grey & Charcoal

Pictured is Mrs and Mr Cox's Remo Kitchen. An elegant contrast has been created between the Dove Grey and Graphite combination, resulting in a minimalist, monochromatic aesthetic.

“Brilliant, absolutely brilliant…” Our reviews don’t get much better than that, especially from experienced kitchen fitters like Mr and Mrs Cox.

Mr and Mrs Cox visited the Exeter Kitchen Store showroom and discussed their ideas and requirements with one of our designers, Anna. Mrs Cox was impressed with Anna’s service, particularly regarding their appliance enquiries.

Anna enjoyed working with the couple, “Mr and Mrs Cox came in with their own design ideas and had thought about the layout and style they wanted, but were looking for advice on how to bring their ideas into reality. In addition to this, as Mr Cox enjoys cooking they were looking for guidance on the right appliances to achieve the perfect combination of style and function.”

Due to Anna’s extensive industry knowledge, Mr and Mrs Cox could easily include appliances that best suited their lifestyle, as Anna was able to look outside of our usual range to source products.

The Remo Kitchen in both Gloss Dove Grey and Graphite was chosen by Mr and Mrs Cox. The colour contrast is emphasised in the Dove Grey wall units which have been clad in Graphite panels. Another noticeable trait of this kitchen is the plinth lighting. This can be viewed under the lower doors and drawers, providing an efficient way to ensure the cooking space is kept light whilst also enabling a variation in colour tone.  The kitchen was fitted by Mr Cox, who is a builder by trade.

Mrs Cox is pleased with their kitchen from the Exeter Kitchen Store stating, “(The kitchen) is the best we’ve fitted, above Howdens, Wickes or Ikea…”. Mrs Cox noted their kitchen cabinets are stronger and more solid than such competitors’ products.

Another feature Mrs Cox likes about her Exeter Kitchen Store kitchen is the magnetic backs on the sink base unit. By including a magnetic back this keeps the the pipe work under the sink accessible whilst maintaining a linear, sleek profile.

We loved visiting Mrs Cox with her completed kitchen and look forward to seeing other Exeter Kitchen Store additions in the future! If you would like to share your Exeter Kitchen Store experiences or would like to get in touch for more information about your very own new kitchen, please click here.

Designer Tip

When asked what design advice Anna would give, she recommended following suit by researching the type of kitchen design that is desired prior to an appointment so both customer and designer have a starting point to work from. However, she notes that while having a preconceived design idea is helpful, the final kitchen may differ to the original idea, but the greatest functionality can always be ensured.