Kitchen Hacks: Stainless Steel Sink Care Secrets

Stainless steel is the ultimate material for making sinks. Modern, tough, aesthetically pleasing – there’s a whole host of reasons why stainless steel sinks are so popular at the moment. If you’ve decided to go for a stainless steel sink – and we’re with you on that one – then you’ll want it to keep its lustre and look its best for as long as possible. Follow these helpful tips and you’ll be able to do just that!

Don’t sweat the small stuff

Before we really get going, it’s important to say that stainless steel sinks will develop small scratches from everyday use. This isn’t anything to worry about. These are to be expected and over time they will blend into the overall finish and make your sink totally unique.

No sharp objects!

Your sink will be one of the focal points of your kitchen, and it will serve many purposes. But one thing you should never do is use it as a chopping board! This will inflict deep scratches into the surface that will not fade over time and will also blunt your knives.

Your routine

Stainless steel sinks should be cleaned around once a week. If you want to maintain that brand-new lustre it is a good idea to get some stainless steel cleaner or polish and apply this with a non-abrasive cloth, always remembering to go with the grain of the metal.

Don’t use steel wool, wire brushes or abrasive pads as these will do more harm than good.


Water shouldn’t be left to dry on sinks as this will leave unsightly water marks. It is best practice to dry off the sink as much as reasonably possible after use with a towel.

Do’s and Don’ts

  • Do rinse your sink thoroughly after each use. Remembering to dry it off as well to avoid leaving unsightly water marks.

  • Do try and keep your sink free from strong chemicals like oven cleaners or paint remover.

  • Do wipe up any food or liquid spillages straight away to avoid potential staining.

  • Don’t put hot pans down on your sink.

  • Don’t leave your wet sponge or cloths in the sink as this can lead to surface rust.

  • Don’t leave bleach or a bleach solution standing in the sink for a period of time as this is incredibly abrasive and can lead to surface pitting.

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