Case Study: Minimalist Kitchen Design

Door Style: Impressions Dust Grey & White

Why Exeter Kitchen Store?

Gary and Verity had never been in the market for a kitchen before, so went about the common process of visiting local kitchen showrooms.

As Gary works on Marsh Barton he saw Exeter Kitchen Store and popped into the showroom. He was impressed by the customer service and the information provided, so he and Verity went in for a quote.

While they were visiting Exeter kitchen showrooms, Gary and Verity also visited the national kitchen companies, which were the likes of Howdens, Wickes and B&Q.

The couple chose EKS over other showrooms due to budget plans, customers service and designs. As their kitchen budget contributed to the decision-making process, Exeter Kitchen Store was a sensible choice due to the payment plan available. However, the main factor that sold EKS to Gary and Verity was the service from their designer Jack. Jack didn’t make the process feel like they were being forced into a sale or make their decisions seem rushed. As buying a new kitchen was something they’d never experienced before, they found it quite daunting when they didn’t really know what the process was. The fact that Jack was able to guide them through the kitchen buying experience made a significant difference. Jack was able to advise them on things they hadn’t thought of and knew kitchen regulations which resulted in hassle free installations. He could advise on the design process and features, helping Gary and Verity find the right items for the kitchen whilst not losing any space. Throughout the design process they felt like they were being given help, rather than being pushed into a sale.

Gary and Verity thought the quality of the kitchen was high, with the inside of the cupboards better quality than those they’d seen in similar kitchen showrooms. The exposed shelves are made from the same material as the carcase, which leaves the cabinet quality on show within the kitchen.

The Design

Initially Gary and Verity wanted a contemporary shaker kitchen, however they only saw shaker kitchens that leant towards a traditional approach or were quite expensive. However, when they saw the Impressions slab door, they really liked it, and found that accessories such as copper handles transformed the space. The two-tone design was also a defining factor of the design.

Jack additionally was great help when making the most of storage space. He recommended a Fly Moon (carousel corner storage) which was a great suggestion for making full use of all their corner cupboards. Additionally, Jack’s design, which featured built-in appliances helps to keep the space looking neat and tidy.

The Process

Gary and Verity found the service level high throughout, from the design and planning Jack provided to the delivery and after sales service.

Jack was one of the only designers who didn’t put pressure on them to make decisions and rather took their lead deciding what they wanted and whether they were going to proceed. Gary and Verity appreciated the easy-going nature of the service as they already were managing a number of external stresses. They valued the fact that Jack never pushed them into buying things or choosing specific items. For example, the ovens that were on display in EKS weren’t exactly what they wanted, and they never felt pressed to choose it for the design. Jack was honest about their options and advised them what each model offered, so they could make an informed decision and pick the appliance that was best for them.

When it came to receiving the kitchen, everything was delivered on time. Jack was good at chasing things up that were missing or initially delivered incorrectly. He made sure everything was delivered quickly and he even personally delivered items to ensure they received them.

Gary and Verity found the overall process of getting a kitchen straightforward. Verity felt that Jack was proactive in getting the design over to them and never felt like they were left waiting.

Favourite part of the kitchen?

The extra space generated from the new design made a significant difference for Gary and Verity. In addition, items like appliances and boilers are hidden, which they find more visually appealing. The additional storage options such as a pull out bin, cutlery trays and corner storage really assist them within their daily lives.

The reactions from friends and family have been positive, especially when they’d seen the transformation.

Overall Verity felt, ‘They had us in mind for the kitchen. The kitchen was designed based

on knowing what we needed and wanted. (It was) thoughtful planning with our family in mind.’

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