Case Study: Modern Kitchen Design

Door Style: Porter Gloss Porcelain

Steve's Modern Porter Kitchen - Exeter

Why Exeter Kitchen Store?

Steve initially heard about the Exeter Kitchen Store by driving past the EKS showroom in Marsh Barton while he was on the hunt to find the best value kitchens Exeter has to offer. Steve had looked at kitchens on and off over a few years as the kitchen he was replacing was over 20 years old. He decided the time had finally come to refurbish his kitchen when Steve’s cooker reached its expiration. One of the factors that prompted Steve to choose EKS was that the Exeter Kitchen Store offers locally manufactured kitchens – Exeter based, as it happens! It helped that our products provide great quality for both carcase’s and doors as well. The fact that the Porter doors Steve opted for in his kitchen were painted and not laminate was another big plus in the favour of the EKS kitchen quality. Another outstanding feature that impressed Steve was that soft-close hinges are included as standard on all Exeter Kitchen Store cabinets! The displays within the EKS showroom additionally influenced Steve to opt for an EKS kitchen out of all the other kitchens Exeter had to offer. When Steve saw the kitchen displays, samples and cabinets, this helped him to finalise his decision by personally establishing the quality of EKS kitchens.

Aside from the great quality the Exeter Kitchen Store offers, Steve decided to buy his Exeter made kitchen from EKS because of the professional service he received. When discussing his kitchen with his designer, Louis, Steve found it very reassuring to hear his own ideas validated while at the same time offered alternative suggestions. Steve valued Louis’ professional opinion and experience, as it was evident Louis was a very capable designer.

Another factor that encouraged Steve to choose an EKS kitchen was knowing he was going to receive pre-assembled kitchen units, which results in reduced fitting costs, making a further saving on his kitchen.

Steve's Modern Porter Kitchen - Exeter

The Design

Steve had come into the Exeter Kitchen Store showroom with a design already in mind after visiting various kitchen showrooms in Exeter. He wanted a very contemporary and clean look to work in with his recent home extensions. While Steve initially wanted a cream colour, he decided to opt for Gloss Porcelain which ensured the entire look was kept modern.

A neutral design was chosen as Steve wanted a kitchen that could be updated with ease through his choice of accessories, which is why he chose Porcelain for the kitchen and Light Grey as an accompaniment for the walls.

As Steve already knew what he wanted for his kitchen design, the final decision was easy to make. The layout of the kitchen was very similar to the original design due to the positions of the electrical wiring and plumbing.