Case Study: Modern Shaker Kitchen

Door Style: Milbourne Partridge Grey

Why Exeter Kitchen Store?

Claire and Andy were in the market for a new kitchen as they were having their home extended, which resulted with a redesign of the kitchen space. The Exeter Kitchen Store (EKS) was recommended by a colleague of Claire’s, and, when she mentioned this to Andy, he recognised the name as he regularly drives through Marsh Barton for work.

Before going to the Exeter Kitchen Store, Claire and Andy had visited other kitchen showrooms and were disappointed each time. They felt the service they were being offered was poor and they didn’t receive any designs they liked. Each time they went to a showroom they were told they’d be emailed through a design, and when they did receive them, they felt that the designer hadn’t listened to what they’d said. Whereas, when Claire and Andy visited the Exeter Kitchen Store, they were provided with a plan which they could take away with them. They felt their designer, Louis, really understood their vision and the lifestyle they wanted to create.

With each of the door styles, worktop samples and handles that the Exeter Kitchen Store offer on display, this provided a complete view of all of Claire and Andy’s options. In the end, Claire and Andy chose the Exeter Kitchen Store because of this simplicity the range offered, the ease of the process and the immediate plans and quotes they were provided with. Because they’d received a plan early in the process, their interest didn’t wane.

The fact that Exeter Kitchen Store was good value for money and the quality high was another point that led Claire and Andy to use EKS.

Another reason Claire and Andy chose the Exeter Kitchen Store to supply their kitchen, was because they liked how it arrived pre-built. They were further assured of the quality when their builder expressed how impressed he was with the cabinetry.

The Design

When Claire and Andy were in the initial stages of planning their kitchen, they couldn’t agree on a design. They were at odds with what they wanted, Andy was drawn to something ultra-modern, whilst Claire wanted a more current design.

Both Claire and Andy didn’t like the traditional section of the showroom. However, they did like the style of the Milbourne door on its own. Without the cornice as a part of the design (which was displayed in showroom), this resulted in a more contemporary silhouette. As their house was around 11 years old, Claire and Andy were after a design that was suitable for its style and age. Therefore, they opted for a shaker door that was versatile enough to take on a contemporary design.

There were certain elements Claire and Andy knew they wanted in their design, such as a breakfast bar and for the kitchen to be social and inclusive. With Andy’s wish of having an open style kitchen and Claire’s desire to maintain a slight divide, the inclusion of a breakfast bar within a peninsula