Case Study: Small Kitchen Design

Door Style: Mornington Dove Grey

Why Exeter Kitchen Store?

Ian was in the market for a new kitchen, and at the time of visiting the Exeter Kitchen Store (EKS) was on the way to another showroom. As he was on route to another kitchen company he the saw the Exeter Kitchen Store (EKS) showroom and went in. Exeter Kitchen Store was the first and last company he went to for a kitchen design and quote. As Ian was out to get a kitchen, he had a floor plan with him and measurements, so he was able to attain a quote and design from the initial visit. Upon entering the showroom Ian received a warm welcome by the team, and Louis, the designer who took on his project, talked through the EKS range and brand. After this positive reception Ian didn’t feel there was a need to go to any competitors as he was so impressed with what EKS had to offer.

The Design

To stay in keeping with his 1920’s home, Ian was looking for a door style that offered a traditional approach. With the concise range, Ian was able to easily select a door style he liked and that would fit in with the era of his house. While the Mornington door wasn’t ultra-modern, it was contemporary enough to look current and to allow modern appliances to be incorporated without appearing out of place.

Due to the small kitchen space, Ian appreciated how Louis had made effective use of the room available. He found that through the inclusion of taller wall units on back walls, this added increased storage space. A Wari Corner (pull-out corner storage unit) was included in a bottom corner unit, to make full use of the awkward space and ensure the entire unit was accessible. Because of the design and planning, there was enough space to fit a washing machine, dishwasher, full fridge freezer and a 450mm undermount sink.

To maximise the available space, a 300mm unit was placed against the wall next to the curved corner base unit, so the small area that was left, could be fully used, rather than being a void space. The curved corner unit also aided in maintaining a gentle line throughout the kitchen, as well as adding extra cabinet space and working to match the above open corner wall unit.

LED lights were used to illuminate the space, making each recess appear lighter and the room seem larger. These lights were placed beneath the wall units and on the wooden ceiling joists. The skylight installed a few years previously was kept and helps let in natural light.

The Process

Ian was in the market for a new kitchen as the o