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How to Design a Budget Kitchen

Staying within budget is always a challenge – no matter the size of your kitchen. Even if you are cost conscious when planning your kitchen, money can seem to just disappear.

To avoid overspending, we’ve come up with some suggestions for thrifty shopping.

Work your Worktop

When it comes to choosing worktops, a natural surface such as granite or marble may not always be the most realistic option. If you are on a tight budget, man-made surfaces tend to be more affordable alternatives. The quality of laminates and quartz available in Exeter Kitchen Store is very high, which means these surfaces look realistic. In addition to lower cost, man-made worktops have many benefits such as low maintenance and perfect formation. If you’re looking at small kitchen designs on a budget, then an ideal option is looking at the how much worktop area you’ll actually have, and judge whether this is an area you can splurge on. Quartz would be a perfect option for a small kitchen, as this material offers a glossy finish which is ideal for reflecting light and making the space feel bigger.

Stretch it Further

One way to make the entire project more affordable is to use the Exeter Kitchen Store’s interest free payment option. With 0% finance spread over two or three years, the stress of paying up front is removed, and the concern of interest charges is minimised. This reduces payments and spreads them out into manageable intervals, so you’re sure to stay within your kitchen budget.

Basic brands

Appliances can significantly dictate the amount spent on your kitchen. An affordable option such as Caple is a great alternative to better known brands like Bosch. Caple provide all the necessary basics; being lower in price because they don’t offer the brand name and awareness that Bosch does, or the more advanced appliance functions.

Door Decisions

The door style selected can also determine the kitchen cost. This is probably one of the more significant ones to look out for if “small kitchen designs on a budget” defines your situation. Dealing with smaller spaces means you’re more likely to be limited on appliances as there just isn’t that much space to accommodate, or you’ve opted for built-in appliances to make the kitchen appear larger. So, naturally you’d be looking at more doors for your cabinets. The cost of kitchen doors is something you can control through the design choices you make. The prices of doors in our range varies, from our real wood Mornington door, at the higher end of our collection, to our Impressions door being the most affordable option. With a range of prices in our collection you are sure to find a door that suits your budget.

Keeping Control

Understanding your kitchen budget can also help you maximise your fund. Sharing this information with our designers can help them to determine where your money is best spent. They can help you stretch your funds and provide advice of where they think you should invest, all depending on your individual finances.

Compare Costs

The Exeter Kitchen Store offers a Price Match Service that allows you to shop around and compare prices. If you find a kitchen with a like-for-like design, we can match this price and take a further £100 off for your trouble! This way you can get your quality Exeter Kitchen Store kitchen at the lowest price on the market.

Simplify your Space

Another way to cut costs is to remove curved units and just use standard carcases, so you create a budget kitchen. As standard cabinets are cheaper than curved this is an instant money saver. Another way of saving funds is fitting the kitchen yourself. As our cabinets are supplied rigid built there is no need for you to assemble flat packed carcases, taking away the added complication of building your own cabinets.

Quality over Quantity

By buying a kitchen that lasts, you remove the need to purchase a replacement kitchen in the near future. Exeter Kitchen Store cabinets are guaranteed for 25 years, so you know you’re buying quality and making your money last.

Exeter Kitchen Store designers are always on hand to help you come up with a design that fits within your kitchen budget. Just visit the Exeter Kitchen Store with your ideas and budget and they can provide you with more suggestions and ideas! To get in touch click here or drop by the Exeter Kitchen Store showroom.


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