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5 Kitchen Design Tips For Your New Kitchen

Some customers come and see us with a really clear idea of how they want their project to look, others come to us with a blank canvas. Either way, if you're looking to realise your dream kitchen, Exeter Kitchen Store can help you out. Really, we just want to make this as simple as possible for you!

If planning your new kitchen seems like a daunting idea then no sweat – we’ve knocked up this handy guide of things to think about before you get going.

If you don’t know the answers to some of the questions, or you’re still unsure about what you want, then don’t let that put you off. Our designers will be more than happy to go through your design ideas with you so you end up with exactly what you need!

So without further ado, here’s our designers’ Top 5 Design Tips:

1. Start with your ‘working triangle’. This refers to the triangle formed between your fridge, hob and the sink. You don’t want this triangle to be too big or too small. Too big and you’ll spend ages lugging food back and forth between the fridge and the hob, too small and you’ll be climbing all over each other.

2. Time to think about storage. You’ll need to think about how much room you need for storing your food. If you want a pull-out larder this will need to be incorporated in to your plans – don’t worry if you don’t know where, your designer can help with this. If you have a utility room or an external larder then factor this in as well.

3. How many seats 'round your table? Are you even having a table? If you want a table in your kitchen, you’ll need to allow some space for this, and of course taking into account how many chairs will be around it. It doesn’t have to be a table though – breakfast bars are very on trend at the moment. Your designer will be able to work this in for you, but there’s no point having 3 chairs if you’re a family of 5!

4. Shine some light on it. How much natural light will there be in your kitchen? If there isn’t too much you’ll want to add some extra. Under cabinet lighting is a great way to add extra light into a kitchen and show off your beautiful new space.

5. Apply some thought. Finally, its worth taking some time to think through what appliances you will have in your kitchen. Double ovens, fridge freezers, and dishwashers all take up some room and will need to be factored in to your plan. Again, if you’re unsure, your designer will be able to make things clearer for you.

At Exeter Kitchen Store we’re committed to making the process of buying a new kitchen as simple and as enjoyable as possible. Hopefully this guide will help simplify things and put you well on your way to realising your dream project.

For more handy tips on getting started on your kitchen visit our designing your kitchen page.


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