How to make a budget kitchen look expensive

When it comes to kitchens, you don’t have to spend a fortune to give it that premium style. You can avoid giving off that budget feeling with a few tips and tricks! So, here are some kitchen ideas and areas to consider if you want to create an expensive looking kitchen for low kitchen budget prices.

Work on those Quartz Worktops!

As the kitchen countertop is an area of the kitchen that is in constant use, it is important to the overall aesthetic to get this element of your kitchen right. Generally, cheaper kitchen worktops such as laminate or wood tend to show wear and tear sooner than more expensive surfaces. Wood worktops require regular maintenance to prevent water damage and keep them in good condition. This means that if a cheaper worktop is chosen it will most likely need to be replaced sooner and will begin to age your kitchen more quickly.

Quality worktops provide a huge lift to the design and create a beautiful, polished look that carries throughout the kitchen. In particular, Quartz worktops are a man-made stone, making them incredibly robust, highly resistant to scratches, chipping and stains. They come in a variety of designs to suit your individual kitchen design. Alternatively, Granite cannot be repaired as easily if chipped, and will require sealing every two years meaning there is an ongoing maintenance cost for the worktops.

There aren’t really any corners to be cut here, but don’t worry! Getting the right worktop is key to generating the overall expensive look on an otherwise budget kitchen. Don’t be afraid to invest a healthy portion of your budget towards the worktop. It will pay off later and there are plenty of other shortcuts and areas to save money on!

For example…

Add in a Sneaky Splashback!

You can create an outstanding kitchen space with the inclusion of a stylish and practical splashback without spending a fortune!

More often than not, a simple splashback is all you need to create a complete kitchen. Kitchen splashbacks are often very affordable and can add a new layer of depth to your kitchen design. You can get creative with the splashback by matching it to your cabinets, walls or appliances. Another option could be to opt for a more neutral splashback that will stand the test of time. The most versatile of splashback materials is tiles, coming in many shapes, designs and colours. To create a centrepiece for your kitchen, use an unusual, shaped tile such as mermaid tiles. These scale shaped tiles in a bright colour can easily transform the room and establish a visually interesting pattern. If you don’t feel confident enough to teach yourself to tile, then at EKS we have a selection of splashbacks from Bushboard. These one-piece sheets, avoid the mess and hassle of tiles whilst still coming in a variety of designs and colours. Pick a grey geometric pattern to add a subtle depth and texture to your room.

Either way, a splashback adds an extra layer of luxury that can give your kitchen that expensive vibe without busting the bank.

Hold off on those Handles!

Handles are like the cherry on your kitchen cake, they can have a huge impact upon the completed design. However, you can avoid spending a large section of your budget on handles by temporarily going for something a little cheaper. Because handles can easily be changed, it doesn’t hurt to get these replaced for something a little dearer further down the line. At EKS we have a range of stylish handles to suit all budgets.

If you’re budgeting for your new kitchen now, then keep in mind that if you want knob handles later on then you will only want one hole drilled in your cabinet. The same goes for kitchen handles, if you’d like one of these later on then make sure two holes are drilled. You will also need to ensure that the handles you are replacing have the same drill hole width as your new handles.

Opt in for Open Shelving!

One idea that will save money during the design process is to feature some open shelving rather than going for wall cabinets.

With the more minimal design, it is cheaper than going for wall cabinets but still enables a certain level of storage. Open shelving also makes sure the space doesn’t feel overbearing or crowded with the simple design, making it perfect for minimalist kitchens. Through the use of strip lighting, you can create a more intentional design to your shelves and avoid them looking cheap.

The money you save here could be put into a quality kitchen worktop or maybe replacing those budget handles you decided on!

Let’s add Lighting

Perhaps one of the biggest design elements of a room, lighting can take a kitchen from zero to hero in one flick. Choose a stylish pendant light over an island, with either an exposed Edison bulb or a statement lampshade for a dramatic effect. Strip lighting can be added to under wall units or open shelving to provide a warm glow and extra light during food prep. If you are looking for glitzy glamour, plinth lighting combined with a gloss door ensures that glittering light is bounced around the room.