Small Kitchen Solutions

Solve your small kitchen problems with our simple suggestions! When designing your kitchen, it's all about innovative thinking and clever designs so your confined space can feel larger. So what are you waiting for?!? Check out our suggestions below...

Lighten Up

One simple way to ensure the room appears bigger is by making use of light colours! Reflective, gloss finishes combined with light colours on doors is one of the easiest ways to ensure the space appear more substantial. Another simple kitchen design technique to avoid creating a confined space is by choosing light flooring! Don't forget those other choices like the colour of splashbacks, walls and worktops as they're another great way to manipulate the appearance of the room!

Shine a Light on It

Including more lights in the kitchen is another useful kitchen design suggestion, as it brightens dark corners and prevents the room from becoming dulled. Suitable light placements would be under wall cabinets and set into plinths. If possible to include in your kitchen, a skylight would be an efficient option as it lets in more natural light, which reaches the corners of the kitchen effortlessly - making your kitchen look larger!

Budge Up

A great way to ensure you can fit everything you need in your kitchen design is to consider cabinet sizes and configurations. To include extra storage space, tall units are a great solution, as they take full advantage of the limited area available. Even the most awkward of spaces can be made use of - and don't worry our kitchen designers are on hand to provide suggestions that are perfect for you!

For example, as seen below, a triangle shape was left near the door, however as a cabinet couldn’t fit in that space, a door was put across which connects the cabinets to the wall. This hid a gap which was used to house a free-standing bin, so all the area available was used!

Internal pull out mechanisms are another great option, especially for corner storage, such as Fly Moons and Wari Corners. This makes full use of the otherwise void space.

Choosing slimline and compact options for accessories and appliances allows for more room to be dedicated to other units, leading to more effective kitchen space management!

If possible, another option is to move items such as washing machines and dryers out of the kitchen into a garage or utility room, which leaves more space for storage.

Streamlined and Sleek

Uninterrupted lines help to create a kitchen that flows better! You can design your kitchen to include integrated appliances as this creates a streamlined look - which helps to make your small kitchen appear bigger! Otherwise, with these obvious additions the room would be broken up and create a more cramped, awkward appearance.

Another way to design a more streamlined space, is to maintain the connection between units, even if it requires more thought into how units are used. For example, the below image shows that a door opens into the kitchen. If the base cabinet (to the far right) was a full-sized unit, the door wouldn’t be able to open, however, instead of just leaving a unit out and creating a gap, a shallow depth unit was included to fit into the smaller space. This enabled more cabinets to be included and ensures the seamless flow of the kitchen.

Another idea that can be considered when designing your kitchen, is using handleless doors for small spaces as they offer a sleek and seamless design! Handles tend to break up the line of the kitchen, which creates a busy appearance.

For help in designing your small kitchen, feel free to get in touch with the Exeter Kitchen Store! Or for more handy tips on getting started on your kitchen visit our designing your kitchen page.

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