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The Best Colours for Small Kitchens

If you’re working with a small kitchen, design plays a huge part in the overall look. It can either make or break your space. To help you out and give you a head start on your kitchen research, we’ve pulled together a list of some of the colours that work the best within a confined space!

Keeping it Simple - White Kitchens

Choosing a white kitchen is one of the simplest, yet most effective suggestions we can offer you. Small white kitchen designs don’t ever go out of style, as they’re very versatile and can be easily accessorised. White kitchens also create a very clean look, which is perfect for creating a minimal kitchen. Minimalist kitchens are ideal for small spaces, as by design they avoid clutter and are perfect for creating clean lines, which means the space won’t feel confined. White is also the perfect choice should you wish to change your décor at some point in the future. By having such a subtle colour, you can easily and inexpensively change your accessories, as your white kitchen will be a simple and neutral base.

If you’re looking to reflect light, white is a perfect option and this effect is only enhanced by opting for a gloss version of the door. Gloss finishes are designed to bounce light, causing your space to look larger, which when paired with a light colour such as white, is the most effective choice you can make in making your space appear larger. We have both slab and handleless kitchen doors available in gloss finishes, so you have plenty of choice in colours and style when designing your small kitchen!

Staying on Trend - Grey Kitchens

We don’t really blame you if you’ve thought about designing a small grey kitchen. Grey kitchens are definitely on trend and are the new neutral go-to colour. However, if your kitchen is on the smaller side, we do recommend opting for a light grey rather than a darker shade. Light grey is perfect for creating an airy open feel and can be a little more laid-back than if you were to go for a crisp white kitchen design. Grey doors can work really well in a small kitchen space if you’ve chosen a light stone worktop such as quartz, as this is another element in the design that helps bounce light and keeps the small space looking light, open and cheerful.

While you may have grey in mind, we all know there are countless shades to pick from… however in each kitchen style we offer, we have a selection of greys to choose from, so you can opt for warm or cool greys, depending on the rest of your décor.

Introducing Personality - Light Colours

When it comes to small kitchens, that doesn’t mean you can’t introduce your personal taste! While working with dark colours can be really tricky as they absorb light, there are plenty of paler colours to choose from, which can be designed in line with your personal taste. So, when you’re gathering ideas for your future kitchen, make sure your Pinterest searches feature light colours! Light colours, such as cashmere, pale blues and greens are subtle and delicate, so in other words, perfect small kitchen colours. Shades such as these don’t overpower the space and bounce light, so you experience the full effect of your kitchen and keep it bright and inviting. This advice also extends beyond the kitchen cabinets themselves, so we additionally recommend you choose brighter colours for walls, splashbacks and accessories. If you are looking to include darker colours, such as deep green, we recommend opting for greenery such as plants, or in the form of decoration like prints. The lighter colours used in the majority of your kitchen will effectively balance out these darker splashes of colour.

Small kitchens can be tricky customers, but the Exeter Kitchen Store Team are well equipped to handle them! Get in touch for a design and visit the showroom to see the kitchen door colours we offer, so you can create the perfect kitchen for your home.


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