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Industrial Kitchen Design Ideas

Have you fallen in love with industrial style kitchens as much as we have??

Have you fallen in love with industrial style kitchens as much as we have?? They are shabby chic with a perfect amount of distressed materials to make the entire look appear candid. But how can you create one that looks this great in your own home? Well we have some ideas for you!

  • Accessories complete the look. This isn’t a design where you need lots of them as industrial goes hand-in-hand with modern minimalist kitchens. However, they do tend to be the make or break of these kitchen designs. We recommend accessories such as bare bulbs. Due to kitchen trends leaning towards industrial looks, you have your pick of this style of lighting! You can also include options such as upcycled furniture – bar stools are something you can keep an eye out for to use alongside a breakfast bar. Alternatively, one of our customers kept a copper pipe from her original kitchen and reused it within her new kitchen to hang her utensils from.

  • Metals are another defining factor of industrial kitchens. Whether you opt for tarnished brass accessories or burnished copper, you’ll create your own version of the industrial kitchen trend. Wood and metal are a great rustic combo for creating an industrial feel, especially when these natural materials are weathered and worn. These elements offer character in an industrial design. Some great options are the U Handle, which is available in brass and copper, and is perfect if you’re looking for a more refined design, and the Ona Edge Handle, which is ideal for a more masculine, handleless look.

  • Rustic wood certainly has its place within an industrial kitchen. Whether you’ve got a reclaimed dining table or alternatively choose a wooden worktop so you’ll have a surface that ages beautifully, you’ll contribute to your industrial design.

  • Lighting makes all the difference in industrial design. Ideally, include as much natural lighting as possible – this adds warmth in a such a minimal kitchen.

  • Of course, don’t forget about stainless steel! This tactile and naturally hardwearing material is the perfect go-to in your kitchen space. Perfect for your handles, taps and appliances, stainless steel accessories are easy enough to source.

  • Concrete is your friend, whether you go for an exposed concrete floor or opt for a stone effect door. This may seem like a bold move, but if you’re looking for a strong statement piece, this is it.

See how you can modernise your Industrial Kitchen Design even further with the inclusion of Dulux’s Colour of the Year 2021, Brave Ground, by clicking here.

When it comes to creating spaces like this which encourages upcycling, there is plenty of room for creating unique looks. However, this kitchen trend hinges on the principle of less is more as well as going back to basics and raw materials. So, for personalised help in designing your industrial kitchen, get in touch with the team here to chat about your design and more ideas of how to create this look.


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