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Dulux Colour of the Year 2022: Bright Skies

Each year, experts at Dulux come together to discuss global trends in order to formulate the perfect colour to represent the transition into the new year, as well as the new year itself!

When selecting Colour of the Year 2022, the design experts helped decipher the mood of the moment and shared their insights on the colour trends.

With a natural ability to bring a sense of optimism with its light and airy undertones, Bright Skies has been chosen as Dulux’s Colour of the Year 2022.

This year’s colour, Bright Skies, means a lot to many of us following the events of the past two years. It's a shade that inspires optimism for brighter futures and helps us reconnect with the natural wonders of the world we live in.

Dulux describes Bright Skies as “A light, airy and optimistic blue that’s good for your soul.

So, how can Blue Skies work for your Kitchen? - Here are some ideas for you! Bring the outside in… Try pairing Bright Skies with our Mornington Door! Mornington is our stunning real wood door which offers a classic look and is perfect for a beautiful, farmhouse kitchen! The addition of a real wood door pairs perfectly with Bright Skies and emphasises that connection with nature. To double down, try a real wood worktop – these surfaces are beautifully and bring warmth to every kitchen design!

A Colour that means more… This painted door offers a collection of stunning neutral shades, so if you’re stuck for kitchen ideas you have plenty to work with! Porcelain, Partridge Grey and Dove Grey are all softer shades and would add to the calm refreshment Bright Skies brings. These combinations of colours open and revitalise your home. If you are feeling bold, Mornington in Hartforth Blue contrasts against Blue Skies which highlights the different energy of each colour. If you ask us, then we certainly think that the natural tones can help to create a sense of sanctuary within your home and pair perfectly with many of the colour palettes here at Exeter Kitchen Store.

As the kitchen is, in many instances, the heart of the home, we believe that Bright Skies is not only a fantastic colour to create help create a calming sanctuary but also a great colour for a kitchen regardless of your style of kitchen. Industrial Kitchens An industrial kitchen can bring a huge level of individuality to your kitchen. We think that Bright Skies does a great job at complementing this kitchen style if done correctly. Important elements to think about during planning include lighting, the inclusion of exposed metal and the correct amount of rustic wood.

One option that works is our kitchen style of Remo in Hartforth Blue, as it does a fantastic job at complementing Bright Skies due to its natural tones and simplistic yet efficient design.

Country Kitchens (Traditional)

The secret to a good country kitchen is charm and warmth! The use of softer grey colours and neutral shades is key as they are on-trend and go with pretty much anything!

Our kitchen style of Milbourne in Dust Grey perfectly captures the charm and warmth that every Country Kitchen should have! Check out our ideas below to help you further visualise what’s possible with a traditional Country Kitchen!

If that’s not enough, then you can also check out our top tips for a traditional country kitchen here! Minimalist Kitchens Minimalist kitchens are super easy to create just because of their super nature! There are designed for an understated appearance and are based on the lifestyle choice of having only what you need.

To stay ahead of trends and to create a warm one-tone kitchen, go for light woodgrains alongside softer tones such as Bright Skies to add texture and space to your minimalist style. Check out these Minimalist kitchen ideas in more depth here!

Maximalist Kitchens The maximalist style kitchen is the opposite of minimalist! That means more items, more colour and more expression. So how can you blend this style of kitchen with Dulux’s Bright Skies? The answer is the kind of colours you include and the accessories you feature!

Mixing and matching colours like Silver Grey, Dust Grey or Dove Grey would be a great place to start. When it comes to accessories, EKS have a great range of handles and doors that can work with the design you have in mind.


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