Minimalist Kitchen Design Ideas

Minimalist kitchens are super easy to create just because of their simple nature!

Minimal kitchens are modern and designed for an understated appearance. The whole principle is based on a lifestyle choice of having only what you need – so if you’re a hoarder by nature this might be the perfect kickstart to change your ways.

The basics of minimalist kitchen design are commonly known, however it’s the details that make the difference! We’ve listed the minimalist styles that are currently trending to help you get started on your kitchen design:

  • Simple colour choices such as white is a classic option, especially if you’re creating a Scandinavian minimalist kitchen look. By including light woodgrains alongside muted, neutral tones, this adds texture to the space and offers an organic feel. The Impressions range provides opportunity to create this look, with the Arlington Oak door. Arlington Oak can be paired with the Impressions White door, or alternatively the slab Porter door, to generate a Scandinavian design.

  • To stay ahead of the trends, make a move towards warm neutral colours and pastels rather than stark whites and dull greys. This transition to warmer shades provides a more welcoming and calming feel, in addition to providing an opportunity to subtly include brighter colours. Modern minimalist kitchens can be created along this theme by opting for the Remo Cashmere door or Porter Porcelain. Complementary colours can also be integrated into the design by going for white walls tinted with pastel colours or subtle accessories.

  • Having a minimalist kitchen means you’ll need to live with the essentials only, however even just the bare minimum takes up space. This is where you can include minimalist concealed kitchens! By simply keeping your appliances hidden away, you’re contributing to creating clean lines and minimal design. If you’re dealing with larger spaces, you can think about including built-in sliding panels into your kitchen area, which hides away additional cabinets or utility areas.

  • While minimalist kitchen design itself requires plenty of thought, you also need to physically have less belongings to make this theme work. Basically, you need to Marie Kondo it up. Of course, getting a new kitchen is the perfect opportunity to get this done! You have to take out all your belongings from your existing kitchen, so you may as well have a major sort and throw out at the same time! When you’re with your designer, you can chat through your storage options at the same time, as we can offer mechanisms that hide away your belongings. From Wari Corners to adjustable cutlery trays, we have heaps of ways to help you organise your space. These