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Country Style Kitchen Design

Who doesn’t have a soft spot for a traditional kitchen? The charm and warmth of shaker kitchens is found in woodgrains and the classic, sculpted shape.

Country style kitchens are the perfect option if you’re looking to create a design that is welcoming, homely and comfortable. Don’t worry, we aren’t talking about replicating Grandma’s kitchen. Dated kitchens aren’t our aim; a country kitchen, when done well, should offer longevity when it comes to design. To help you create this look, we have some tips listed below so you can create a cottage style kitchen that looks current and offers a quaint charm:

  • Like every design, colour has a huge impact when it comes to creating a farmhouse kitchen. You want to go for softer colours, like pastels and other neutral shades, however the key is to avoid dated colours such as alabaster and cream. Pale greys are a great alternative, as they are neutral, on-trend and go with pretty much anything. Another option is choosing a colour like sage green, especially if you want to create a traditional kitchen look.

  • Accessories are where you can really define the type of country kitchen you want to make. If you want a farmhouse kitchen look you should opt for a Belfast sink, real wood worktop and detailed cornices. However, if you’re after a modern country kitchen, then the way to go is choosing modern appliances - we recommend built-in appliances as they are designed to be integrated to the design without disrupting the look of the kitchen.

  • Country style kitchens are designed to have a lived-in look. With this in mind you, can think about the type of furniture you want to include in your kitchen! A good option is to choose a statement piece such as a scrubbed timber table, which would go well in a farmhouse kitchen. Alternatively, if you’re going for a modern country kitchen, you can find some statement antique items, whether they’re stools or copper pots that can be hung from the ceiling.

  • Don’t feel like you need to have every space and surface cleared away, cottage style kitchens are supposed to have a little clutter. Fill your kitchen with your favourite cookery books and choose your favourite mugs and teapot to keep readily on hand.

  • Another fab option for your country style kitchen is choosing a larder! They look gorgeous and are great storage options. Larders look great in every design and provide an authentic feel.

While pale greys, sage green and neutral colours all work, the most up to date colour we’d suggest looking at would be Dulux’s Colour of the Year 2021 – Brave Ground. This natural colour works perfectly with the softer greys whilst throwing your Country Kitchen Design into the 21st Century! Find out what’s possible here!

Whether you’re after a modern country kitchen or a traditional kitchen, you’ll be able to create your own take on this theme! For more ideas, or to get started on creating your own country style kitchen, make sure you chat with the EKS Design Team


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