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Striking Green & Blue Kitchen Design

Deep shades are moody, provide depth and offer comfort through the creation of a cosy environment.

Navy blues and deep greens provide a softer alternative to black, creating a feeling of safety within the design and a snug feel. While the thought of opting for a navy kitchen or choosing dark green walls for your cooking space may be daunting, in our experience it’s worth it. We can help you make design decisions, so the colours chosen don’t overwhelm the space and a balanced interior is created.

Blue kitchens are still proving to be incredibly popular. We offer an indigo blue kitchen in our simple and striking Impressions collection. This slab door offers a powerful and eye-catching design in the deep hue. If you aren’t feeling bold enough to dive entirely into the depths of indigo, you can create a two-tone kitchen and opt for white as an accompaniment. This way a refreshing look can be created, with the white door providing a lift to the space. A simple stone worktop can be included within the design to compliment the luxurious feel of indigo. Pairing lighter shades with indigo works to ensure the blue kitchen becomes the focus of the design.

However, blue isn’t the be all and end all when it comes to kitchen design! If a dark blue kitchen just isn’t for you, but you’d like to create a similarly powerful design, consider opting for graphite doors instead. Graphite is available in Mornington for a design packed with personality, or Porter and Remo if you’re looking to create a minimal look. This dark grey shade is perfect for working in colourful accessories. You could opt for a blue or green splashback to introduce these colours without overwhelming the space. Whereas wooden accessories can soften the design. So wooden worktops, stools or chopping boards are all great options to include in your design.

While opting for a dark kitchen is an option, if you’re not completely sold on the idea (let’s face it, it’s a pretty permanent decision if you’re not 100% sure), however would like to create a design in-line with current kitchen trends, alternatively choose to paint your kitchen walls in deep blue, or rich green. You can play brass accents off these shades with ease and include plants to help soften the look, whilst bringing a taste of outside in to help continue to create a nurturing environment. Not to mention by opting for painted walls these can be painlessly updated if you get bored or change your mind! Just make sure the kitchen you do opt for if you’re going down this route is neutral for any updates you’d like to make.

If you’ve been thinking about putting blue kitchen cabinets into your kitchen, then we hope our suggestions and ideas have helped point you in the right direction! Our team is on hand to help you create the right look for you in your kitchen, whether you choose to go for a blue kitchen or a different kitchen trend!


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