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Maximalist Kitchen Design Ideas

You’ve heard of minimalism right? Well how about maximalism?

Maximalism is pretty much the opposite of minimalism. So, we’re talking about more items, more colour and more expression.

All it takes is including items that you really love, regardless of whether they clash or it feels too busy. All that matters is your home is welcoming, homely and completely yours. However, you might be thinking that maximalism is an excuse to have a messy kitchen, we’re (very) sorry to tell you it’s not. While it’s an encouragement to feel comfortable having more items, if your space is just messy, that’s exactly how it will look and feel. So, if you’re ready to hop on board this 2022 trend then check out some of our bold statements below:

  • If you’re unsure how to start, you don’t have to go crazy in every area of your home, or even your kitchen. You can start by picking a certain element or area of your room and just begin adding items and colours you like to get a feel for it.

  • Literally include all the colours you want. In love with the Mornington Hartforth Blue kitchen? Go for it. Want to include patterned wallpaper or bright pictures on the walls? Chuck that into the mix. While you’re at it, why not just go for the whole hog and opt for large pot plants so you can add a sense of organic life into your beautiful creation. You really can’t go wrong with this 2022 kitchen trend because you’re basically being given the freedom to include what you love.

  • While this kitchen trend is pretty much a free reign to include everything you want, a sense of balance is required. Maximalism is a huge bound away from the ultra-controlled feeling of minimalism, however you need to make sure your space doesn’t fall into chaos (here’s that mess thing again). So, what’s basically required, like any kitchen design or room in general, is some planning. You need to think about the items you want to put in your kitchen and how your eclectic taste is going to work. Think about an overarching theme within your space to tie it all together. To avoid creating mess, you need to make sure you don’t have too many items. Before you put something new into your space, consider whether you first have room or if it needs to replace anything. Think about how everything works together, and judge whether you feel organised or claustrophobic with the amount of items you have in your space. Every item you choose needs to be selected as it makes you even happier and more comfortable in your space.

Dark Blue Kitchen
Mornington in Hartforth Blue
  • When you’re designing your space consider textures, patterns and clashes. We’re thinking big and bold. Milbourne or Mornington is a great shout, with both these door styles having shape and interest, as well as lots of colours available. You can elaborate on these designs with a bold splashback, and pops of colourful accessories.

  • Biophilic design is another way you can contribute to your maximalist design. The leafy greenery is a calming influence within your bright and bold space. Not to mention the health benefits both physically and mentally plants bring, and their ability to create improved air quality. However, if keeping plants alive isn’t your thing, then consider opting for leafy patterns on wallpaper and pictures on the wall!

So, we hope our break down of this 2022 kitchen trend is helpful when you’re busy designing your kitchen! If you need more help when it comes to creating your maximalist kitchen you can collaborate with the team, however if you also know exactly what you want, we can also help you create a design that fits perfectly within your space. If maximalism isn’t quite your thing, make sure you check out more kitchen design ideas that are trending this year!


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