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When to Save and Where to Splurge on Your New Kitchen

When it comes to kitchens do you know what areas are worth investing in and where you can scrimp?

A minimalist kitchen design

It can be hard to determine which areas hold the most value within the kitchen and where your money should go when budgeting for new kitchen costs. But there are definitely areas that are worth the investment, and other aspects that you can hold your purse strings a little tighter on.

To help you determine which areas you could scrimp on and where you should splurge, we’ve listed some suggestions below!

  • Scrimp on Handles – While this is an area of your kitchen that can make a huge impact upon the completed design, it is also an aspect that can easily be updated at a later date when you have some spare cash. If you’re budgeting for your new kitchen now, and trying to work out your new kitchen costs, there are just a few points to bear in mind to make sure you can easily replace your handles down the track. The first is that knobs only need one drilled hole to fit them, so if you opt for this style of handle, it is super simple to update. Handles on the other hand can vary widely in measurements, and require two holes to be drilled per handle. To easily replace your handles, consider opting for styles that have a 160mm hole spacing as this is the most common measurement.

Affordable copper, kitchen handles
  • Splurge on Worktops – Kitchen countertops are an area of the kitchen that is in constant use. Cheap kitchen worktops tend to show wear and tear sooner than more expensive surfaces. This means if a cheaper worktop is chosen it will most likely need to be replaced sooner and will begin to age your kitchen more quickly. Quality worktops also provide a huge lift to the design, creating a beautiful, polished look that carries throughout the kitchen. If you’re establishing the cost of your new kitchen and how each element of your design fits into your budget, we recommend choosing an affordable manmade material such as quartz, which is durable, looks great and is incredibly hardwearing.

  • Scrimp on Wall Cabinets – This statement may seem like a contradiction to what we’re constantly spouting about maximising storage… but just hear us out. We aren’t saying remove the option of wall storage completely, our alternative suggestion is to include open shelving rather than wall cabinets. With the more minimal design, open shelving is cheaper than wall cabinets, while still allowing for storage – thereby reducing your new kitchen costs. Open shelving additionally makes sure the space doesn’t feel overbearing or crowded with the simple design.

  • Splurge on Kitchen Appliances – Appliances are used daily and let’s face it, they are something you do not want to break… and we all know it’ll probably happen just before you’re throwing a dinner party or on Christmas Eve. Quality is key when it comes to kitchen appliances. You don’t necessarily have to go for the appliance with the most functionality, but we do recommend choosing reputable brands and appliances with good reviews. If you do fancy splashing a bit more cash on your appliances, make sure you look into Bosch Home Connect appliances, which can add an extra level of convenience to your everyday life.

A built in dishwasher

  • Scrimp on Your Splashback – You don’t need to spend a fortune to get a nice splashback. More often than not, a simple splashback is all you’ll need to create a polished kitchen. What’s more, a neutral splashback (this goes for the colour of your doors too) will contribute more positively to your selling value than if you went for a bold and exotic choice. If moving home or adding value to your property is an important factor to you, we have some handy tips over on our How a Kitchen Adds Value to Your Home blog.

  • Splurge on Lighting – Lighting is certainly something you want to put those saved penny’s towards! Lighting makes a huge difference to your space as it can completely transform your design, making the room appear larger and maximising your beautiful kitchen design.

Of course, Exeter Kitchen Store provides incredibly affordable kitchens from the off, with items such as soft close hinges on drawers and cabinets offered as standard, which is an instant saver! On top of this, our kitchens are also supplied rigid, meaning you are saving further on fitting costs.

For more suggestions of where to save and when to spend, our designers can give you advice tailored to your space and your budget.


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