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How a Kitchen Adds Value to Your Home

If you’re looking to add value to your home because you’re considering selling or just for an investment, updating your kitchen is a super effective way of going about it! According to Virgin Money, a new kitchen can add as much as 6% more value to your home. This figure means that it’s definitely worth looking into what your options are when it comes to getting a new kitchen.

An industrial kitchen design

To help you figure out whether it’s worth taking the plunge to install a new kitchen for the sake of adding more value to your home, check out our tips below!

  • Everything in Moderation – One of the most important things to think about when you’re looking to buy a new kitchen as an investment is making sure you don’t over or under spend. The cost of your new kitchen needs to be in proportion to the price of your house. So, don’t put a £50k kitchen in a £250k house, because you just won’t get your money back. On the same note you don’t want to put a £8k kitchen in a £800k home, as this could reduce the value of your property. Of course, our designers are on hand to help you out in keeping to your budget, determining the cost of a new kitchen and recommending the best design options for your circumstances.

  • Looking to Sell Your Home Quickly? – Having a new kitchen can help you shift your home faster. If this is something you require, Exeter Kitchen Store kitchens are available on a three-week lead time, so you can get your kitchen at short notice!

  • Expand Your Space – Combining kitchen and dining rooms (or other adjacent rooms) to expand the space can add value to the home. Fewer but larger rooms with clear lines, continuous flooring and wall colours to ensure the space feels larger, connected and has an improved flow, all add value to the home. Maximising storage within the kitchen is also another area that adds house value as it is an additional selling point. By doing some minor restructuring within the home you can redesign your kitchen space, add in more cabinets, drawers and storage areas. You could also make your space appear larger if you combine the kitchen and dining area, and install a kitchen island that doubles as a dining table and results in increased storage without compromising your seating area.

  • Keep It Neutral – If you’re looking to add more value onto your home, keep things like colours and the design neutral. You want to ensure the colour palette chosen appeals to everyone and can be accessorised by the new homeowner to suit their personal taste. One of the styles we recommend to ensure the kitchen design is kept neutral, is a minimalist kitchen theme. Another aspect to bear in mind is making sure your kitchen design is in keeping with the age and style of your house. If you have a modern home, we recommend choosing a contemporary style such as Remo or Porter, or alternatively if you have a period property Mornington would be the perfect style for creating a farmhouse kitchen.

If you’re looking for more ideas, or want to chat to the team about sought after features you think could increase the value of your home, our team is on hand to help you out!


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