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Land Yourself the Perfect Kitchen Island

Who doesn’t want a kitchen island?? Let’s face it, they look great and are super practical! Which is why if you’re looking for kitchen island ideas, you’ve come to the right place!

Kitchen islands are the way forward, they bring people together through their social design (who doesn’t love friends?!) and generally just make your kitchen more user-friendly.

So, if you’re designing your kitchen, Exeter Kitchen Store is here to help establish whether an island is for you by putting together the benefits of kitchen islands below!

Kitchen Storage Ideas

The benefits of islands… where do we start?? Well, one of the most obvious perks of a kitchen island is the additional surface space they offer. There’s more room for food prep and it allows you to spread your chopping boards, bowls and plates and whatnot even further, removing feelings of confinement or restriction. Let the messy chefs rejoice!

What’s more, you can also include additional storage solutions! Whatever the layout of your kitchen island, there is always opportunity to include more storage – this could be in the form of open cabinets or kitchen cupboard storage, just to name a few.

Integrate Your Appliances

You don’t have to feel like the only one hard at work within the kitchen! You can make your kitchen island work too! All you need to do is put some appliances in there and get going. By having appliances in your kitchen island, this helps you establish your working triangle, as the kitchen can be designed around the three points of the oven/hob, fridge and sink. This has the added benefit of additional kitchen appliances within easy reach of these main points.

We know this isn't a island - but peninsulas are great alternatives for smaller rooms!

Kitchen Islands – With Seating!

Dining room tables are so last year, especially when you can just set up shop with a breakfast bar! If you want to design your kitchen with a dining space, you can opt for a kitchen island with seating. What’s more, if you want to make sure your breakfast bar stands out, a contrasting worktop is your answer!

Small Kitchen Island Ideas

Try as you might, you may not be able to squeeze a kitchen island into your design. While this may be disappointing, there is a solution! A peninsula is a great alternative. Peninsulas offer the same benefits as islands; however, they have a slightly different design. Peninsulas are not freestanding, they are attached to the units that line your walls, so you can fit them into a wider variety of spaces!

Close the Gap

If you’ve got an open plan kitchen design, an island is the perfect way to bring the living and cooking spaces together! Kitchen islands act as a fab social point for people to gather around. A kitchen island makes sure the cooking area is kept clear of people by offering an alternative space to convene, and it bridges the gap between the living space and kitchen aren’t isolated from each other!

To get a stunning island or peninsula in your kitchen, Exeter Kitchen Store will help you out! Or for more handy tips on getting started on your kitchen visit our designing your kitchen page.


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