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5 important reasons to buy your next kitchen locally in Exeter

Supporting the Local Economy

Simply put, shopping locally helps support the local economy, creates local jobs and boosts local communities.

The Devon countryside

Local businesses are the backbone of the economy and you’d be surprised how far the money that you decide to spend on local businesses actually goes! A large percentage of it circulates back into the community in areas such as local pubs, restaurants and shops through our locally based team, which ensures the community continues to thrive. Wherever possible, we source all our materials and service providers locally as we believe this helps build a brighter future for the entire region. For example, we use local printers for our brochures, a local photographer for our case studies and we even source our worktops from a local business too!

Kitchen Design

Getting your kitchen design right for your individual space and specific needs is crucial to maximise the efficiency and enjoyment you get out of your kitchen. The perks of shopping at an independent store over the high street are plentiful and include an overall much more tailored experience.

Our kitchen planner

Our designers will meet you face to face (This has been adapted due to COVID – read more in our latest COVID-19 update: COVID-19 Update 05/01/21) before assisting you in creating a design that is produced on your requirements and budget, not the designers. During the kitchen selection and installation stage, our designers will work with you in order to keep the level of complication to a minimum. We have recommended kitchen fitters that you can use, should you want to! Ready to start designing now? Click here to begin!

Helping the Environment

As featured in our blog, How Exeter Kitchen Store work to create sustainable kitchens, the team at EKS are always doing their best to make sure that they are contributing towards a sustainable future. By choosing locally, you can do your part too!

The Exeter Kitchen Store van

As EKS is located in the heart of Exeter, we are well within walking distance for a lot of local people, which avoids unnecessary driving and the reduction of air pollution and traffic. When it comes to delivery, our team of drivers will be travelling a much shorter distance to deliver you your kitchen, significantly reducing our carbon footprint. It’s a win-win situation!

High levels of quality

Just because we’re local doesn’t mean we don’t know a thing or two about quality! While you may associate higher quality with larger brands, this isn’t always the case.

The Exeter Kitchen Store kitchen cabinet

For example, we don’t compromise the strength and aesthetic of our kitchen units by drilling holes inside for every shelf height imaginable. Instead, we drill our doors and cabinets to preserve the style of your unit. We also offer a sturdy 18mm solid back panel and soft close drawers and doors on our kitchen unit range. At Exeter Kitchen Store, these luxury extras come as standard and for the same price of larger brands that you won’t find on your doorstep! In fact, we’re so confident about the quality of our kitchen cabinets that we offer the maximum 25 Year Guarantee on them.

A friendly shopping experience

Last but not least, face to face interaction. The value of being greeted with a friendly and familiar face shouldn’t be underestimated. The fantastic thing about local businesses is that they are run by local people who are more likely to be in tune with your expected needs as a customer! They are understanding and can work around potential obstacles or sort out a plan that works for the individual.

Jack an Exeter Kitchen Store, Kitchen Designer

At Exeter Kitchen Store, we pride ourselves on our customer service. We don’t do a hard sell and have case studies from a variety of satisfied customers to back it up! To find out more about the best kitchens, Exeter has to offer please click here!


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