How to choose a kitchen designer?

Are you taking your first steps towards designing and creating a new kitchen? Are you looking to find a suitable kitchen designer capable of bringing your project to life?

If so, here are five important things to consider when choosing a kitchen designer

Do they have the technical knowledge?

It is important that your kitchen designer is experienced and knowledgeable. Ideally, they will have a good understanding of the industry and good experience in order to deliver you your dream kitchen.

Not only do we provide the technical knowledge, but we have the practical experience necessary to meet your requirements. The company behind EKS dates to the 1970s and is currently run by Ian Foster, who installed kitchens for many years. Saying that we know a thing or two about robust cabinetry and the industry itself is a bit of an understatement!

Are they an established company?

While an established company doesn’t necessarily guarantee a quality kitchen designer experience, it does increase the chances of that outcome. While every company starts somewhere, sometimes the safer option is to choose an established company with decades of experience, especially when making a large financial investment. Make sure your kitchen ideas and kitchen designs are in the right hands.

In September 2016, the EKS kitchen showroom opened its doors for the first time. Our focus is to provide kitchens to the trade and public that are of excellent quality, have short lead times, are fantastic value for money and provide great customer service. We are a local, independent business backed by 46 years of experience.

Find out the benefits of locally made kitchens here.

We’re so confident of our product quality, knowledge and professionalism that we provide a 25 year guarantee on our kitchen cabinets!

Do they have the creativity required?

Before making your decision, it’s worth doing a bit of research to see if the kitchen designer you have your eye on has the creative flair to bring your kitchen ideas to life.

Our concise range makes sure that your options are plentiful, but not infinite. This keeps your options as a customer open and much less confusing. Despite the smaller scale, we are not limited in terms of our creativity. We have a great portfolio of diverse, unique and beautiful kitchens that we have created for our customer base.

Grab some kitchen inspiration and take a look at some of our best work with the following case studies…