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On Trend Kitchen Accessories

Are you looking to add a little something extra to your kitchen design?? We’re about to spill the tea on 2020 kitchen trends, so you can include all those additions that give your kitchen an edge.

Matt black is still going strong – with the option of black sinks and taps you can add a laid-back touch of luxury to your kitchen. Accessories such as these are perfect if you’re going for an industrial kitchen style. The move away from glossy, shiny finishes is still pronounced, which makes these accessories the perfect accompaniment for this muted, sophisticated trend.

Gold and brass effect accessories are moving in on the copper kitchen trend that has dominated the past few years. From handles to pendent lighting, this metal finish has its place within kitchen design. If you are looking to include this kitchen trend in your design, make sure to opt for a duller, tarnished finish, rather than a glossy effect. This continues along the matt kitchen trend and offers character in your design.

Another big kitchen accessory trend is including plants within your kitchen. Greenery is entering the kitchen in all shapes and forms, from pot plants to printed wallpaper. Trust us, biophilic design is certainly part of 2020 kitchen trends. If you can’t keep a plant alive to save your life then maybe opt for a print, however the real deal literally breathes life into your kitchen space. If you’re worried, you can always start off with a succulent, which are super easy to maintain.

The kitchen trend towards sustainable and eco-friendly accessories isn’t going anywhere. If anything, given the current environmental and political climate, it takes an even greater precedence in all parts of life – including interior design! Simple ways to include trendy and environmentally friendly accessories in your kitchen is by opting for vintage bar stools or upcycling a dining table. One of our customers went down this route by reusing the copper rail they pulled out of their old kitchen as a hanging rail for their utensils!

Your kitchen can also include more in it than just kitchen related ‘stuff’. The kitchen is no longer just a domain for cooking and complete practicality, especially as the line between kitchen and living areas are becoming more and more blurred. One 2020 kitchen trend is including prints in your kitchen – whether kitchen related or not, this is an opportunity to tie together some of your design decisions and cultivate your kitchen style. One simple way to personalise your kitchen space is by including framed photographs, graphics or paintings on the walls - like Claire and Andy did in their kitchen.

Whether you’re looking to create a minimal kitchen, maximalist kitchen or something in-between, these kitchen accessories can help you keep your kitchen design on trend. Looking for more kitchen design ideas? Don’t worry, we’ve got you covered…


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