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What happens at your kitchen design appointment?

Our process is efficient and simple, allowing you to receive a free design and quote all in one visit, with no appointment required - all of which is absolutely obligation free!

  1. The first stage. Our first questions we ask are aimed at finding out what stage you’re at in the kitchen purchase process. If you’re in the middle of building or thinking about renovating, we’ll discuss your kitchen options in preparation for your new kitchen. Along with the information we provide you with, we’ll request on your return you bring your kitchen’s measurements. Alternatively, if you are ready for your kitchen, we’ll talk through what you’re looking for and ask if you’ve bought your measurements along. If you’ve already received a quote from a similar kitchen retailer, bring this along to our kitchen showroom in Exeter to receive a like-for-like quote.

  2. Getting the measure of you. If you’ve got your kitchen measurements on hand, the style of kitchen you’d like will be discussed, whether it is traditional or modern, or a specific style.

  3. Kitting out the kitchen. From there we go into more details, looking at worktops, door styles, storage solutions and appliances.

  4. Serving up. We will ask what type of service you’re looking for; whether it is supply only or completely fitted, to ensure we can cater exactly to your needs.

  5. Ticking all the boxes. The next step is for our designers to complete the Enquiry Form Checklist. This is so we can ascertain exactly what you require in your kitchen to begin the design.

  6. Weighing up your options. Once all the relevant information has been gathered, the designers will go through your design options with you. They will see whether you’d like a completely new layout or something similar to the original kitchen.

  7. We don’t dance around finance. Our designers will discuss the finance options we have available and we can help you determine what would be the best option for you. For more information about our finance offers click here.

  8. Getting creative in the kitchen. Your designer will then create a kitchen for you, considering everything discussed.

  9. Keeping up to date. You will then see the final design and be able to discuss any changes or alterations you’d like.

  10. Take the final step. Once you are happy with your design a quote will be drawn up for you.

Within the one appointment you could walk away with a full design and quote! To make an appointment or find out where our kitchen showroom in Exeter is, click here.


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